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The simple solution to acid reflux

Reza Band is the answer for those suffering from acid reflux. It's simple, comfortable and provides unparalleled relief* to help you sleep through the night. Reza Band prevents the flow of stomach contents past the upper part of your esophagus by putting a small amount of pressure just below your Adam's apple.

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Reza Band

For those fed up with acid reflux

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Reza Band is for adults who suffer from acid reflux symptoms.
These symptoms include:

  • Nighttime regurgitation
  • Feeling of throat burn
  • Constant cough or throat clearing
  • Hoarse voice
  • Sore throat and difficulty swallowing
  • Postnasal drip
  • Reflux-induced sleep disruption

Success stories

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Good night.
Good day.

Even though Reza Band is typically only worn at night, its relief carries over into the next day. This is because stomach contents weren't able to rise into your throat or lungs the night before.

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No risk,
big reward.

Since Reza Band is a wearable device, it may reduce the need to take acid-reducing drugs or undergo surgery, allowing for a simple, effective solution while potentially lowering healthcare costs.

Is the Reza Band right for you?

The “RSI” (Reflux Symptom Index) is a list of 9 questions that help you determine the severity of the of the reflux you are feeling.

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A little pressure goes a long way

Reza Band is worn while sleeping and applies slight pressure just below your Adam's apple. This helps increase internal pressure at the top of your esophagus, preventing regurgitation from entering your airway and causing discomfort. Simple. Easy.

How it works

Fits just right

The Comfort Band and Cushion make Reza Band comfortable. The amount of pressure applied is minimal and feels similar to wearing a buttoned shirt collar.

Safe and sound

Reza Band is safe to wear and in any sleep position; your breathing and swallowing will remain normal. The Reza Band was cleared by the FDA in 2015.

How can I get a Reza Band?

The Reza Band does not require a prescription. Simply click "Order now", no prescription required.

What's included?

  • Reza Band
  • Two additional Cushions
  • External Manometer
  • Pressure Sensor
Reza Band Kit
Reza Band is only

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Reza Band Guarantee

If, for any reason, you decide Reza Band is not for you, return for a refund within the first 30 days.

* Individual results may vary.


Important Safety Instructions: DO NOT use the Reza Band if you have an implanted pacemaker, implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), a vagus nerve stimulator, or other similar devices implanted in your chest or neck. Consult your doctor prior to using any OTC treatment for LPR if you are a current or former smoker, are spitting up blood, or are losing weight as these may be symptoms of an upper aero-digestive system malignancy.

QSD 06-02-002 Rev 02

How it Feels

Using the REZA BAND® feels familiar, like wearing a shirt collar buttoned. Breathing and swallowing are unaffected.

The Power to Stop Acid Reflux

Do you suffer from chronic cough, hoarse voice or sore throat?
Do you wake from sleep due to acid reflux or sleep propped up?

You may be one of the millions who suffer from laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) symptoms due to acid reflux into the throat and lungs. This can lead to serious health complications – from hoarse voice to pneumonia – and can rob you of the restorative health benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Acid-reducing medications such as PPIs may be the right treatment option for you. But for many, they simply don’t work and cause unwanted side effects. We decided there has to be a better way – and we created it.

If you suffer from LPR symptoms due to acid reflux into the throat and lungs, you may now find relief with a novel new medical device that doesn’t just reduce acid reflux, it stops it from happening. The REZA BAND is the world’s first wearable non-medication, non-surgical medical device designed to reduce LPR symptoms by simply stopping acid reflux.