Do you suffer from acid reflux? Get a better night's sleep and feel refreshed all day.

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Woman sleeping with Rezaband Device on

The REZA BAND® is designed to stop acid reflux from rising above the UES and into the throat and lungs. Such a safe and simple solution, consider it your first line of treatment over the alternatives.

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Rezaband for Reflux

REZA BAND®. The first wearable acid reflux control device. Think Outside the Throat.™

See how it works
Sometimes patients come to us asking for a solution to a painful problem. “I have really bad throatburn,” they explain, “but no heartburn. Is that normal?” In fact, this is all too common. What these...
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I’ve suffered for years with acid reflux attacks that resulted in acid going into and damaging my lungs.  I tried changing my diet and using acid reducing medications, but they didn’t work for me...

Kenneth S.

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