5 Tips for Celebrating Cinco de Mayo Without Acid Reflux

Try to avoid eating an hour or two before heading to bed.

The first thing you need to think about this Cinco de Mayo is when to stop eating! Try your best not to have that late night meal. Although everyone reacts differently to certain things, eating too soon before going to sleep can cause acid reflux; It’s like swimming too soon after you eat. Eat earlier and make sure you can sleep comfortably without worrying about your throat burning.


Avoid adding pico de gallo and plain tomatoes onto your Mexican food of choice.

Because tomatoes are very acidic, you should try to avoid them. The onions and cilantro from the pico de gallo should suffice, and cilantro has properties that may even help prevent inflammation, bloating and heartburn!

Avoid TOO much alcohol.

Obviously, it’s Cinco de Mayo, so avoiding alcohol all together is a lot to ask. However, curving your intake will be extremely beneficial for your acid reflux. Alcohol can be an enabler and can increase symptoms, so just take it easy (but have fun!)

Curve your salsa craving with guacamole.

What’s a great substitute for salsa? Guac! Guacamole can definitely satisfy your chip and salsa craving by a landslide. It’s much more filling and is a healthy alternative! Be careful though. If you eat an excessive amount, the healthy fat from the avocados might increase your symptoms.

Keep the spicy foods and sauces to a minimum.

We know that most Mexican food is better when it’s spicy, BUT spicy food does not taste good the second time around (if you know what I mean). Make sure you avoid adding that latino heat to your food, not just on Cinco de Mayo, but for good! In a way, spicy food is your kryptonite. Ingesting it immediately weakens your body’s defense and increases the odds of experiencing acid reflux. No thank you!

Last but not least, don't forget to wear your Reza Band to help alleviate reflux altogether!

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