About Live Doctor Consult


How does the live video doctor consultation work?

It starts when you set up an account on buyrezaband.com and complete a short online medical assessment. After the online physician reviews that assessment and determines that you might be eligible for the Reza Band, you’ll be invited to participate in a live video consultation with a physician. The video consultation usually takes about five minutes. You will not be charged for this video consultation. If the doctor prescribes the Reza Band for you, payment will be processed, and your Reza Band will be shipped directly to you.

What if the doctor doesn’t prescribe the Reza Band?

You will be notified during the consult, your order will be canceled, and your credit card will not be charged.

Can I contact my online physician if I have questions about the Reza Band?

If you have questions about the Reza Band, contact our customer service team at (844)361-4858. If you would like guidance regarding your health or management of your specific condition, please contact your local physician or hospital for care.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my online consult and prescription?

Please contact Buy Reza Band at (866) 919-7973.